An otome style game from Eternal Ninja Gaming. Be the sleeping princess, torn between two worlds of politics and fantasy. The man of your dreams just might be a creature that is actually a cursed man! Choose from 6 different types of guys, the Manipulative Spider, Cold Cat, Lazy Goat, Flirty Raven, Mischievous Mouse or the Shy Butterfly, your one companion in all the madness. With 3 different outcomes from your choices, will you just be friends, will you be cursed or will you become lovers?!

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We're trying really hard to gain funding but we still need help, any amount helps go towards getting things like stunning CG's of the characters for the story or licensing artwork and music.


Any amount is greatly appreciated even if it's just 50p, it still helps towards the funding of the project.


Please click on the donate button below to donate any amount you want, it all helps to go towards furthering the game and making it the best it can be.



We will be setting up a store in future with limited edition 'Indiegogo merch' but once they're gone, they're gone!  We would only consider bringing them back again if enough people ask for the items.


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