There are many other people working with us, many artists that are so important to the production of the game and many people working behind the scenes to support us in many ways including financially via our gofundme or through knowing us personally.

An otome style game from Eternal Ninja Gaming. Be the sleeping princess, torn between two worlds of politics and fantasy. The man of your dreams just might be a creature that is actually a cursed man! Choose from 6 different types of guys, the Manipulative Spider, Cold Cat, Lazy Goat, Flirty Raven, Mischievous Mouse or the Shy Butterfly, your one companion in all the madness. With 3 different outcomes from your choices, will you just be friends, will you be cursed or will you become lovers?!

Aimee Waller

Writer and Graphic Artist: I am the leader on this project the app is an idea I came up with after starting work on my 2nd novel (unpublished).  I have been obsessed with Otome visual novel apps for a while now and came up with a story of my own, I’m working hard to try and make it real for other people to enjoy as much as I enjoy other works.  All of us are either part/full time workers so this project is just that, a fun project we are trying to make successful for others to enjoy!


Tommy Day

IT Technician: Tom is the person wo will be handling the coding of the app, he’s been working with computing for the past 5 years and is the only person I would trust to understand me and what/how I want something done within the app to do with interfaces and how the app works.


Hector Hadley

Comic Artist and Brainstormer: Hector is my creational second. Hector has always been there to help with bouncing ideas around or proofreading anything that needs to be double/triple checked. I’m currently working with him on another project and he works hard to support me creatively on this project.


Michelle Savage

PA and Social Media: Michelle updates most of our social media alongside myself, she sends out important emails and messages to reach whoever we need to get a hold of and she is fantastic at it too! (Michelle is probably the person you will talk to the most as she’s a very good people person).


Aaron Wyatt

Financial Advisor: Aaron has been a key part of this project in both helping to fund it and give suggestions on how to gather funding from the campaigns, coming up with ideas for rewards and ideas on which campaigns to set up.


Raheela Saleem

Artist and Creative Advisor: Raheela is one of our many artists whom I also have the pleasure of discussing creative ideas with. She works on our sprites and CG's and will be with EN for all future games. She is incredibly insightful and an incredibly talented artist, and helpful to bounce story ideas around with whenever there's a gap in writing.


Tamoor Shahid

Programmer: Tamoor is a vital part of our team, taking on the massive task of creating the actual game Tamoor is both patient and skilled with taking good care of our little project.



Composer: Amajor has composed some of the music used in Princess Of Desire with brilliant musical talent and will possibly work with EN in the future.


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