An otome style game from Eternal Ninja Gaming. Be the sleeping princess, torn between two worlds of politics and fantasy. The man of your dreams just might be a creature that is actually a cursed man! Choose from 6 different types of guys, the Manipulative Spider, Cold Cat, Lazy Goat, Flirty Raven, Mischievous Mouse or the Shy Butterfly, your one companion in all the madness. With 3 different outcomes from your choices, will you just be friends, will you be cursed or will you become lovers?!


Romance Visual Novel

english Otome Game

Eternal Ninja Gaming



This is the official website for Eternal Ninja Gaming's 'Princess Of Desire'.


The EN team is currently working as hard as possible to update all of our media pages and answer any and all questions anyone has about the game.


If you have a question or just want to know more please have a look through our site or head over to the contact page to find out how to contact us!


The game is currently in progress as a game for PC to be released on Steam.


The game's age rating is 16 and up as there are mature themes unsuitable for children below 16.


Check the Funding page to see how to contribute to developing the game and keep an eye out on our social media pages for a special pre-prologue story!


Go to the download page to download the latest version of the demo now!

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